Ovarium - spa - massage et bain flottant

Address: 400 rue Beaubien E., Montreal, H2S 1S3
Phone number: 514 271-7515
Toll free: 877 356-8837
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96,9 (CKOI) Montral (Montreal, QC)

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THE MASSAGE EXPERIENCE At Ovarium, we believe that massage is a constantly-evolving art, one that leaves a great deal of room for creativity, imagination and innovation. That is why our massage therapists have each been specially chosen for their love of massage therapy, as well as the artistic touch they personally add to their training and experience.

Ovarium - spa - massage et bain flottant

Ovarium also fosters an individual approach, based on your needs, drawing on a vast selection of Californian, Swedish, Shiatsu and Esalen techniques, and many more... The effects of a massage act directly on your physical and psychic well-being. Here are some of the benefits for body and mind: Relief of backache and other muscular pain. Improved muscle tone and flexibility. Relief of tension and stiffness. Enhanced mobility in your joints. Improved circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. Heightened awareness of your body. Enhanced sense of touch. Soothing and calming, relieves pain. Improved slee

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