Welcome to the website Gapvacation.com: the Canadian Tourism Group (RTC-intranet) and its mobile version, which includes many tools for all its members.
Thank you for taking a few minutes of your precious time to understand the mission of this group and all the benefits it will give you a few minutes well invested which can give you much in return ...
As entrepreneurs and having many years of experience in the tourism industry (accommodation, restaurants and SPA). We know very well that environment, with all its passions and sometimes all its constraints ... The vast majority of the constraints we face are often related to the fact that we are alone, as entrepreneurs, dealing with all these institutions managing the industry.
There are several websites of promotion on the market, which asks you to offer extremely low prices to promote your business, something that only big companies can afford ... The goal of Gap Vacation is to consolidate all the small and large tourism companies, to create this force and to stop reducing our prices. To put the issue on our strengths and the quality of services we offer and this together to get new visitors. That is why we decided to create this helpful website that is fully automatic and custom advertising for your business, to consolidate all the professionals in the tourism industry across Canada, starting with the Province of Quebec, with 16,857 tourism businesses pre-registered yet.

This tool includes three distinct divisions and responds to specific needs.
1 - Gapvacation.com Website and its Mobile version (Smartphone):
Simple, complete and effective, it will promote our tourism industry members, it will be listed on many different search engines and user-friendly for tourists. No pop ups or advertisement of your competitors on your page or search facility. Users can access to all your details and we take no commission on bookings that are made through the search engine available on the site. We hope to attract international customers, thus promoting longer stays.
Gapvacation.com website offers a personalized page of advertisement for your company, completely automated to change your informations, photo album, calendar, google positioning, weather, feedback from your customers and your grid tariff / interactive menu, all that you can change at any time...
2 - Members Network - RTC (intranet):
Which includes many benefits for our members, whose goal is to bring together all the professionals of tourism (accommodation, activities, festivals, attractions, spa and restaurants) to create a force.  We believe this will give us the opportunity to take a more active role within our industry.
Because the tourism industry is an economy that brings a lot of money from outside the country. It is a green economy that values all of our regions in respect of our environment (unlike some industries). It also creates a lot of jobs in various fields and outside major urban centers. We count on you! More than ever, with the pressure of globalization and the Internet, as it is now time to unite, instead of competed and we offer you the unique opportunity to finally participate actively in the development of Canadian tourism economy.
You will find in access RTC:

- The place where you do your own management of all your company informations that are displayed on the website Gapvacation.com and mobile, and where you answer the requests for proposals for potential customers stay.
- Editorials and statistics concerning the tourism industry and its trends.
- The ads for you to sell, buy or exchange goods or services between members.
- Links to Internet job boards to help you quickly meet your personal needs.
- Icon for Suplliers, in which we will promote the tourism industry suppliers, so no need to waste your time searching the internet to find the products you need.

3-The GAP Social Network:

A social network for your customers and for you! With a profil of personal information which includes: messaging, photo album, favorites, friends, contests, special offers, weather ... everything for your future customers and their contacts to learn all about your business! A place for targeted advertising and for you to reach your local and international clients.

Gap Vacation and its mobile version: A complete and simple tool of promotion for your business,the website where you will find all the necessary informations for you to save time and money. Just for you to enjoy! You will never find an offer at such a deal!


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